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Living Through Terror by Suvendrini Perera download in pdf, ePub, iPad

There are probably countless other names by which it is known, but you get the point. You simply place it over the hole in your chest to treat the resulting open pneumothorax being caused by said hole. It is meant for a scenario in which you might encounter unplanned violence or threats to your life, over a short duration, and from which you will attempt to extricate yourself expeditiously. Like I said, they may not work for you in this exact composition, so obviously, feel free to borrow liberally from this list, and make it your own.

This may include a freeze-dried camping meal, iodine tablets for treating water, a camping stove and fuel, or a LifeStraw-type of device for water purification. Pepper spray, for the same reason. Whatever works for you and your loved ones is best.

There is no point in arguing how we got here. It is meant to keep you alive for a short time.

Pepper spray for

You should not pack it like it is your end-of-times bag. That is to say, we live in interesting times. You live hopefully and you learn.

This may include a freezedried camping

It is a small to medium-size bag that is at your disposal whenever you might need it. This bag will assist you in that effort, if you pack it right.