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For example, it has now created its own area of social practice, in which it has established itself comfortably and is largely protected against external disturbances. However these statements serve to form input hypotheses. The paper looks for a method by which empirical statements can be comprehensibly generalized. Lorenzen's work on calculus Differential and Integral was dedicated to Hermann Weyl.

Empirical statements about persons and events are an integral part of the concept. In the theory of geometry and physics, Lorenzen was influenced by Hugo Dingler. Ein Paradigmenwechsel in den Sozialwissenschaften pp. Sprachliche Grundlegung und Ethik. It is caused by the instability of repeating nucleotide sequences that tend to undergo expansion, causing disease at an earlier and earlier age as trinucleotide repeats accumulate.

He followed Dingler in building upFrom the Narration of Violence to

He followed Dingler in building up geometry and physics out of primitive operations. From the Narration of Violence to the Definition of Violence.

He became pupil of Krull in University of Bonn. How essential an ethical and critical discussion to be conducted in a more or less repression-free area is for specific practical work, e.

In Methodical Constructivism, the general occurs in language as the generality of a predicator. In order to decide the hypotheses, the linguistic means must be provided.