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London Underground The Quiz Book by Mike Dugdale download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Explore London's finest country house in Charlton and unearth the secrets of the Mother of Parliaments. The total length of the London Underground network is miles. Of the stations that have stairs, Hampstead Station has the most steps in total. Visit the house where Handel and Jimi Hendrix both lived. The so-called Screaming Spectre is believed to have been a milliner.

Yet it still remains one of the most popular journeys with tourists. Finsbury Park station has murals that show a pair of duelling pistols, harking back to a time when men would visit the park after hours to defend their honour. Sting and Paul McCartney are both rumoured to have busked on the Underground in disguise. One of the largest pieces of the wall also stands just outside this station. London Underground has been known as the Tube since due to the shape of the tunnels.

The recording that is broadcast on stations was first done by Peter Lodge, who had a recording company in Bayswater. The font he came up with is still in use today. Amersham is also the most westerly tube station, as well as the highest see above. Greenford on the Central Line was the last Tube station to use wooden escalators. But you can learn a few things about the Tube instead.

It is the largest loss of life in a single incident on the London Underground network. Algar's statue, carved on the base of one of the columns near the entrance of St.

The shortest distance between two adjacent stations on the underground network is only metres. In Central London the deepest station below street level is also the Northern line.

An interactive novel has been published, set on the London Underground. Climb the famous steps of the Monument and fly the world's biggest Ferris wheel. You can now no longer go around the Circle Line in a full circle. He died in shortly before the first train ran.

Yet it stillFinsbury Park station has murals

One of the early names proposed for the Victoria Line was the Viking line. It remains in place today. Arsenal originally Gillespie Road on Piccadilly line is the only station named after a football team. The measurement of one foot comes from the length of the foot of St.