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In one sense this is true

Shalom Simons really is the last typewriter repairman left in London. In another sense, however, as Stanislavski would see it, Irons himself and the acting job he undertakes in these films are utterly indispensable to my reading of perverse perform- ance.

Inside the Actors Studio and

That is to say, when his protagonists are not themselves engaged in one particular perversion or another, they are paired with an antagonist who most definitely is. When you work on a computer you have a continual ultrasonic whine of some kind. All throughout the dinner, however, Irons is contained within the frame of his chair.

In this context, if not in the context of popular discourse, Irons both creates and stands for the prince of perversion. Annabel is an ideal against which all desire is measured for Humbert. This is why I have focused this book around the characters created by Jeremy Irons and not Irons himself.

Like many actors, Irons has spoken about the obvious dilemmas of being typecast. So much of our experience of the prince of perversion in this book concerns the way he is seduced, suborned and generally imposed upon. He will submit himself to the fate of any object that stands in for a, and that is to be discarded.

Inside the Actors Studio and Martin Torggoff. In one sense this is true. In all of his performances, manic or melancholic, there is an echo of those controlled moments of the dressing ritual that we see particularly in Swann in Love and M. Now, in the twilight of his life, Anthony worries that he has not fully discharged his duty to reconcile all the lost things with their owners. Will Self with his beloved Olivetti.

From this reading we can see that his real perversion is not that he wants to possess her, but that he wants to be her. Just as the agalma is a precious object hidden in a worthless box, so objet petit a is the object of desire which we seek in the Other. For this type of male protagonist, perversion is as much a passive experience as an active one. Swann may well redeem himself in the eyes of his peers by us- ing the lawful institution of marriage as a means of putting out the fire of his love for Odette. In the chapters that follow, therefore, Irons and his characters centre the analysis but do not always provide the driving force of perversion.