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Make Great Art on Your iPad by Alison Jardine download in pdf, ePub, iPad

She was commissioned

Often iPad art is associated only with the graphic and illustrative arts found in genres such as video games. This is the must- have book for any aspiring iPad artist. As the skills of each chapter are mastered, there are plenty of projects that will continue to challenge, and will enrich the proficiencies of even accomplished iPad artists. From to she set up the iPad Project for which she created a new iPad artwork every day.

The basics of

The basics of composition, color, perspective, figure drawing, still life, landscapes, and portraiture are all given a fresh look here. She was commissioned to create an iPad work for a social media project for the London Olympics, and her digital art has been featured in several art magazines. Innovative in scope, Make Great Art on Your iPad is structured around the classic genres of art, such as still life, landscape painting, portraits, and perspective. Jardine recommends drawing and painting apps, with a preference for the simplest and most intuitive. An introductory section highlights digital tools that go beyond paper, pencil, canvas, and paint.

Her work is multidisciplinary, and she uses paint, fabrics, drawing, concrete, video and construction materials. She teaches an iPad workshop at the Dallas Museum, and continues to explore the iPad alongside other media. This book is grounded firmly in the traditions of the fine art world.

Step-by-step exercises illustrate a range of techniques on a variety of themes, including one inspired by established artists such as Claude Monet and even the contemporary master Banksy. Anyone who knows how to use a tablet or smart phone should be able to develop their artistic skills by reading this book and practising the various techniques described.