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Mandala Zentangle by Jane Marbaix download in pdf, ePub, iPad

You can purchase an official Zentangle kit that contains tiles for tangling. Another good hint is to draw your spaces in pencil then go back and trace them in ink. While I was practicing my drawn Romans I had done a number of them on tracing paper and they were loosely piled up on my table. Releases In-Born Artistic Ability Stimulates Intuitive Insights Rick and Maria claim that when you create a Zentangle you enter a state of relaxed focus that allows intuitive insights to flow freely.

You can frame them, create a journal with your Zentangles or convert them to transfers and add them to crafts, wall hangings or quilt pieces. There are also several books on the market that provide easy Zentangle patterns and provide you with the basics.

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Zentangle provides artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well being. If you wish to take your new-found skill to new levels, Mike and Maria and other trainees offer Zentangle workshops that promise to be uplifting events.

It increases focus and creativity. In the first image I painted in everywhere a letter did not overlap another letter. All you need is paper and pencils or pens to begin your first Zentangle.

Zentangle provides artistic satisfaction and an