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He proposes that religious studies be reimagined as cultural studies and that we turn to other, less problematic analytical categories. And then it fades away again. Those of us who claim a lineage in the academic conversation about religion should be clear about how we use the term. So Rorty and Haraway are right to note the limitations of visual imagery, but rather than abandon those metaphors I prefer to reimagine them.

As with most theoretical works on religion, Freud actually employed several tropes in that volume. They claim authority just as they seem to challenge it. There can be no disciplined study of religion without such a horizon. We need to know that this is where a slaveholder stood. This lexical objection, which focuses on linguistic use, is only one of several.

The men from the confraternity lifted her onto the left side of the stage, where she stood in front of a twelve-foot triangular background. Theories are simultaneously proposals for a journey, representations of a journey, and the journey itself. But we should not erase it but mark it, I decided. Here is the image I have in mind.

First, it is culturally located. Consider examples from the well-known poem by T. Instead, enlarge the bronze plaque beside the entrance. We started reading the banners and learned that someone was protesting, not advocating, racial hatred.

From my vantage point a few rows from the altar, I noticed that some elderly women and men nearby were weeping. Second, my observations in Miami led me to seek a theory that was not only dynamic but relational.

When I researched and wrote, I also thought a great deal about travel, since I studied Cuban exiles and Vietnamese refugees. Such an approach might be useful. Truth in this approach often, though not always, means correspondence with objects that are independent of the mind. Some paths are not taken, and my theory, like all others, has blind spots.

First it is culturally locatedConsider examples from the