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Leaves are arrowshaped and basal

Each flower head has rays. The leaves are thick and parallel veined. Each leaf has narrow leaflets.

Leaves are arrow-shaped and basal. The flowers are in dense spikes and are deep purple in color. Leaves are deeply divided. It often grows where there is limestone.

It is edible and has a sweet taste, but eating too much can turn nauseous. Flower stalks are shorter than the leaves.

There is branching only at the top and flowers grow in clusters. Bergamot tea has been used for medicinal purposes and is still used in herbal teas.

The veins are raised on the underside. It flowers from July to October. The plant is found hilly prairies, rocky slopes, and dry sandy prairies. The root is very large and was used as food by Native Americans.

The flowers are in

Leaves are inches long with slightly wavy edges. One woman approached me after Mass and asked how she can start a group at the parish to which she's moving this summer. Leaves are thick and are rough on both sides. Leaves are deeply cut or completely divided and are inches long. It is a native of Eurasia.