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McGraw-Hill Education Preparation for the GED Test 2nd Edition by McGraw-Hill Education Editors download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It's a huge book packed with tons of info. As I said, I still have math to go which will be my greatest challenge but this book prepared me well for language arts, science and social studies. He tried other books and felt that this book was better at explaining everything. It is up to date with info and easy to use.

The two practice tests helped a

Learning objectives are based on the Common Core State Standards, just like the real exam. Good luck to everyone on their future endeavors. My advice would be to spend some extra money and get a more comprehensive study guide than this one. Depending on how fast your reading comprehension is, I'd say the average person will have between minutes to formulate their arguement and write it in essay form. The math section was horribly explained and took a whole lot of extra tutoring and reference to comprehend.

It does a decent job, but it's explanations are very brief. The two practice tests helped a lot.

If you study this book, you will pass. He will soon be ready to sit for the exams. Inside, you'll find valuable, easy-to-digest information for navigating your way through tests on Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematical Reasoning, and Science.

For me the issue is the math section. Very good for preparing and evaluating what you need to work on. Unlike the other books, students can often understand the explanations without me having to actively teach them, and there is just the right mix of explanations and exercises. Every question was addressed at some point in this book. It has some good information and covers a lot, but it's not flawless.

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If your reading comprehension is good but your writing is bad, you'll be cutting it real close because of the written portion of the exam. This is by far the best value for the money in the Math area. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. Many of the topics on the actual test were not covered in the book. Anyways, she is still going forward and finds this book very helpful.