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Those documents provide

Furthermore, inadequate media longevity is one of the issues. The latter is rapidly becoming the de facto mark-up standard in many communities. Administrative Metadata is used to manage administrative aspects of the digital object such as intellectual property rights and acquisition. The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative develops and maintains a suite of inter-related standards.

The first three profiled below primarily support discovery and access. Those documents provide detailed information about the creation history and complete life cycle of the digital resources. Statutory bodies also develop schemas which once internally ratified may become the compulsory standard for metadata creation across the body.

The first three

Metadata for Digital Resources Management Metadata is a set of attributes used to describe an object. There is a great diversity of perspectives on various aspects of metadata issues. There is a continuous need for extending the existing metadata element set to be able to describe all available digital resources. Metadata definitions are generally stored and maintained in a controlled manner by the user community. Some bodies, such as the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative or the Open Geospatial Consortium, actively develop schemas and ratify them as standards for their user community.

Addressing the preservation and long-term access issues for digital resources is one of the key challenges facing libraries and information centers today. Geospatial professionals have developed a number of profiles of this standard to fit particular uses. This would mean that in order to ensure long-term access to digital resources, we need to preserve all the software, hardware, and operating systems on which the software ran.