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His novel was not

Muhlstein is right in putting emphasis on his dexterity to write pastiches, natural to someone who had sponged in volumes. The pastiches eventually became a curse, since he began to feel pigeonholed in them, got bored with them and, rightly, felt called for grander things. This ability became for a while his salvation as a writer, since the pastiches were his only writings that periodicals were willing to publish.

She also mentions that he read some contemporary writers, such as Pierre Loti, Zola, and especially Anatole France. Of these circles, only Gide is discussed, but more on the anecdotal level, for his homosexuality or for his first refusal to publish La recherche. Muhlstein sometimes presents to us some incidents as if she were walking on her toes. She however forgets to mention that this was a major anecdote related to two elegant men, Edouard Manet and Charles Ephrussi.

It is a delightful read and a fascinating topic. And in spite of the spoilers it is a good warm up for La recherche.

Proust found himself

So, he abandoned his draft and undertook for the following nine years the study and translation of Ruskin. There are some major omissions if she is intending to present us a finer ilk. So, right at the beginning of this book we are given a very rich literary pedigree for Proust.

Proust found himself in a literary cul-de-sac. His novel was not going to be just a simple tale, a plot. Writers from the eighteenth century were not so attractive to Proust.