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Jim Keighton, brbirders skybest. Thirteen species of raptors are seen regularly at Pilot Mountain. Luxurious villas and a room inn offer an elegant perspective on these ancient wooded peaks. Now that you're a home owner, we want you to know that we are just as committed to you today as we were when you were a home buyer. Print it out and bring it to the mountain.

Each fall, they ride the thermals and mountain updrafts along the Appalachian ridges on their way to their winter grounds in Central and northern South America. Look for clear cool days with winds out of the north. Do you have difficulty telling one raptor from another. Since that day in many people have shared their time and talent to support Pilot Mountain's hawk watch, but Ramona Snavely started it all.

We offer all sorts of year-round recreational activities to satisfy anyone. Occasionally, the kettles include s or even s of birds. At Pilot Mountain, observers can see these birds and about a dozen other raptor species on their journey south. Pilot Mountain had just opened in as North Carolina's fourteenth state park, so perhaps the group was checking to see what migrants might be present. It is unclear why southbound raptors would deviate from their path along the Appalachians, and yet they do.

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And for overburdened spirits, there is strength in the hills. According to Toby, Ramona recognized the importance of the sighting and returned in following years to study the raptor migration. The magic of Hawk Inn and Mountain Resort.

Thirteen species of