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What matters, it seems to me, is that these histories aren't just about the substances being discussed. Overall, a book that sometimes shines, informs with ideas and people and trends I have knew and might have benefited from a more readable style, or even some timelines to help with dates. She makes up for a lack of grace in writing by stringing together anecdotes, history and facts into long trails that make concentration hard.

He refused toHis journals and letters

They are instead, about how our interaction with these things has shaped us and our world. Season with mace, nutmeg, white pepper, salt, and a clove or two, in the finest powder. We are much more comfortable now with the notion that real life and therefore real history is about the ordinary and that the mysteries worth exploring are the ones wrapped in dailiness. History was supposed to be reserved for the manly pursuits of war and politics with occasional detours to economy and science.

He refused to eat with his wife when she was obviously pregnant, and had his meals sent to another room. His journals and letters certainly suggest an unhealthy attitude to eating.

Stories like that one make up for the blizzard of names and dates that often serve to confuse more than enlighten. He is best known to foodies as the source of the quotation that inspired the title of the wonderful book by Margaret Visser, Much Depends on Dinner. For many readers, this represents a great advance over all that stuff about kings and presidents. Her pioneering work helped open up a floodgate.