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Officers went to the house

Goff as a loving father devoted to his family and well-regarded in his profession. Police identified the dead as Dr. Gene Mirkin, a Silver Spring podiatrist.

Police said no one

Autopsies are planned for today or tomorrow. Sheri just finished her sophomore year at the University of Maryland College Park and recently returned from studying in Israel. The handyman was arrested when officers arrived. Goff's wife, Irma, often worked as his assistant and receptionist, and baked cookies for his patients.

Officers went to the house and found Mr. Police said no one answered, and a neighbor told the officers the family was on vacation. Alvarez is their only suspect. This is a guy who wouldn't hurt a flea. According to court documents, Mr.

The plot was slow to develop, and convoluted, but eventually came together somewhat predictably - because the book was coming to a close right toward the end. Michael Garvey, director of the Police Department's major crime division, said Dr. Last night, he was being held without bail at the Montgomery County Detention Center.

Alvarez, said the suspect did not get along with Mr. His oldest daughter, Andrea, just graduated from Washington University in St.

But Maxi Condorey, who shares an apartment with Mr. Alvarez told detectives that he moved his boss's body from a bedroom to the basement and spent hours cleaning the house of blood. It could very well appeal to those who loved to watch Dallas. It is an overwhelming scene to look at.

Two officers went to the home, checked outside and rang the doorbell. Alvarez in the driveway with blood splashed on his shirt, the documents say. Alvarez later told investigators he killed his boss, Mr. Aldridge, after the boss killed the family members and asked for help burying the bodies, documents say. Aldridge, had nothing to do with the crime.