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Jog and shehnai played

It is also a topic that is increasingly piquing the interest of music scholars, whether they are studying s Latin jazz in the U. Bhatt on vina, a plucked string instrument of India, from an album called A Meeting by the River. You are not currently authenticated.

On the other hand, the volume does come across as Caribbean-centric, which may detract from its hemispheric vision. Himangshu Biswas, whom we heard earlier playing the bamboo flute, performs an untitled dhun on the santoor, distant ancestor of the hammered dulcimer, produces a shimmering sound. Estevan Azcona bio Aparicio, Frances R. Milind Tulankar demonstrates the Jaltrang I wanted to present Indian music on a wide variety of instruments, and I soon realized I could easily fill the whole two hours this way.

Jog, and shehnai, played by its foremost exponent, Bismillah Khan. There are many rewards for those who take the time to dig through them. His Master's Voice is a famous trademark in the music business, and for many years was the name of a large record label.

Illustrations, photos, transcrip tion excerpts, index. As the editors suggest, this multidisciplinarity is appropriate due to the emergent nature of the topic, particularly for the disciplinary tensions it invites. She and her great show will be greatly missed. Popular Music and Cultural Hybridity in the Americas.

There are many rewards for

Gypsy is leaving the area, and we wish her well. The shehnai is a reed instrument with a sound very similar to the renaissance shawm. Pandit Kamalesh Maitra playing tabla tarang, tuned and arranged in a rag scale.