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But for God's sake in any

But, for God's sake, in any direction other than spirituality. To traditional man, life only has value in sacred time. All that is needed is to follow his example. They correlated the birth of the year with the mythical birth of the world. He was deeply concerned about what he perceived as the arrogance and provincialism of modern Western culture.

Similarly, there is no reason to fear settling an unknown, wild territory, because one knows what to do. Because the Sacred first appeared in the mythical age, only the mythical age has value. By gaining control over the origin of a thing, one also gains control over the thing itself.

Before the Bagadjimbiri came, nothing had existed. And find the meaning hidden in every dream, every leaf, every drop of dew. Not historical time, which runs in a line. In this sense, the supreme Christian mystery of the Incarnation, in which God assumed human form, is no more paradoxical than the universal dialectical structure of all religious manifestations.

In many religions, a ritual cycle correlates certain parts of the year with mythical events, making each year a repetition of the mythical age. He maintained a friendship with d'Ors, and met him again on several occasions after the war. Returning to Bucharest, he wrote a dissertation on the comparative history of techniques of Yoga, for which he received a Ph. It survives, but in a profane form such as the myth of reincarnation. Hence, there is profane space, and there is sacred space.

Many scholars attacked his scholarship as subjective and unscientific. In many cultures, this belief appears to be consciously held and clearly stated.

To traditional man life

Its purpose is to re-establish or strengthen the Earth for the following year or two years. Finally, it should be noted that Eliade was not a detached scholar. Eliade is known for his attempt to find broad, cross-cultural parallels and unities in religion, particularly in myths. These ritual cycles do more than give humans a sense of value. Although he had numerous followers, his approach to religion, myth, and symbol remains controversial.