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He and his friend SueNow we double check

Therefore, you must rely almost entirely on your memory. He recalled the feathery, loving touch of her hand in his. The most common method is a linear story, but many reflective narratives start with the result of what happened and then backtrack to the events that took place to cause the result.

He and his friend, Sue, have taken many trips together in Red Rock Country doing ever-more-dangerous climbs. Now, we double check our equipment and climb more slowly and mindfully.

When you write a reflection, you may share a lesson you learned, like the example in Aesop's fable. One day, however, Sue missed a toehold and plummeted to the ground.

Structure The piece is often written as a story, because this is usually the most interesting and easy-to-follow format. The information you provide from an experience, however, can be expanded through research. And that's when you need a personal reflection. If your write your narrative as if you are writing an instruction manual for a vacuum, your audience will become bored, lose focus and they may eventually stop reading. You might draw some conclusions about your experience or reflect on how it changed your life.

We still take on difficult climbs, but from that day on, I've been much more thoughtful about what I'm doing. Adding Spice Like any interesting book or movie, the plot typically has a twist, drama or a problem and then a resolution. Fortunately, she was okay, but it made Sam pause and think. Audience Reflective narratives are often written as if you are telling a story to a close friend or a relative.

Sometimes, though, these elements may not be quite enough to communicate your true meaning. Writing a personal reflection in your conclusion gives you a chance to think and feel more deeply about your story. Cite this Article A tool to create a citation to reference this article Cite this Article. She has a master's degree in American Literature.

For example, my son Sam is an avid rock climber. The better you are at drawing in your audience and making the writing personable, the more you captivate your reader. You might even take some time to explore your deepest feelings about your experience and come up with a fresh and surprising insight or two. It is that moment where things seem to be going one way, and then suddenly, they change and turn into something else. You might choose a turning point, an image, or something that needs an explanation.

Personal reflections do this. Just as Aesop's fables tell a story, when you write a narrative essay, you are simply telling a story. It could also be written in a way that recounts each item that you learned and how you came to that knowledge. The style can be more fun to write than an essay that requires a large amount of research because the description is based on a reflection of an event in your life.