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Native American Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories by Rita J. Simon download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Most felt they had no cultural identity. Of course, I adopted transracially, so that certainly accounts for some of this fascination, but my interest long predated our adoption. In seven of these cases, the problems were attributed to serious mental, physical, or emotional handicaps present at the time of placement. Transracially adopted families have all the warts and blemishes of other families, but at the end of the day, we are first and foremost a family.

The consensus of the adult adoptees was to encourage, but not push, and they gave some specific suggestions of how to do this. No particular academic or behavioral difficulties were found in this study. The transracial adoptees did have more white friends than black and dated whites more often than African Americans.

As an adult, Dahmen was reunited with members of her birth family and attended her first pow wow with them. Opponents of adopting across racial lines cite concern that transracial adoptees will have confused racial identities that will plague them later in life.

Some of the adopteesShe did however add a

She gives thoughtful and articulate responses to each question and becomes an interesting subject for the reader to think about. All of the groups, however, had black friends. Although the panel of adult transracial adoptees was not necessarily a representative sample, their discussion reflects a similar feeling to the Simon and Altstein study. Remarkably, the individuals have stories that differ so vastly from one another that there is no hint of repetition or ensuing boredom.

Some of the adoptees reported having a great upbringing, in spite of their transracial adoption. She did, however, add a counterbalance to the otherwise rosy picture of transracial adoption painted by the other adoptees on the panel. Not all research supports this finding. All of the groups transracial, same race, and birth scored well in terms of self-esteem. The stories told are too original to overlook.