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According to Wheatley only later

According to Wheatley, only later did economic prominence and political power get added to this original urban cultural role. Even in such cases, however, rural resources were put to novel uses in the urban setting.

Even in such cases

He ethnocentrically assumed that their findings could be generalized to all urban cultures. Administrative cities also had a qualitatively different demographic and social complexity. In Canada, urban culture is also sometimes used as a euphemism for the culture of visible minorities non-Whites.

The neocolonial city, however, does not exactly duplicate the cultural role of the industrial urban type precisely because of its dependent relationship with the core. Although they mainly worked on cities in advanced capitalist cultures, their approach had wide relevance. The administrative city brought together the political, economic, transport, and communications functions and institutions necessary for this rural rapine. It took variant forms of economic, political, and urban organization in the colonizing core and in the colonized periphery. Its rural environs are important only because they provide a large and readily available labour supply.

There is a developing infrastructure of urban transport and communication by which these commodities and labourers are allocated. The cultural message emanating from Delhi, Paris, Washington, D. Their urban cultural role fit well with the capitalist economic order that came to dominate all other social institutions. The urban administrative cultural role was the major means to this end.