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You can enjoy a drink or two here after a day of sightseeing and adventure. Bar Windsor Pub After a day of sightseeing and adventure activities, enjoy a few good drinks at the Windsor Bar.

Bar Magnolia Magnolia is a popular restaurant and bar in Bangalore. Bar Casa Del Sol For a vibrant city like Bangalore, the party scene would be incomplete without some dancing. The bar boasts of a pleasant ambience and a large comfortable seating area. And not any dancing, but salsa! It is a quaint old place situated in the Kodava Samaj building in Vasanthnaga.

Over the past year, the club has been a favourite destination for some top artists and fans for their top class lighting systems as well as sound set up. The modern rooftop bar has surely gained its popularity among locals and has also been the venue for some top international performances like Hard Rock Sofa. Known for its contemporary interiors and loft-style architecture, the club enthrals each and every one who enters as well as the artists who perform here. The trademark Volkswagen truck converted into a bar adds to the clubs well-constructed interiors and the food is ever so brilliant.

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Pebble surely has something for everyone and hence has attracted several people over the years who crave to dance to the beats of their favourite artists beneath the trademark Banyan tree. What is so unique about it?

Actively involved in Sports and Dramatics as well Recent Posts. The slick club matched with some top notch interiors offers a perfect blend of food, beverages and music that will sure enough keep pretty much everyone happy. Furthermore, with the dwindling popularity of Rock Music in the country, this location stands as one of the most iconic Rock music destinations in the state.

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So, for all you salsa loving people, Casa Del Sol on Sunday is the perfect place for a night out. Although a rather new destination, oral herpes dating site it is steadily rising to fame and thus sits in the list of some of the top clubs in Bangalore.

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