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Jane Ashford sweeps the reader into

Too bad his charm failed with the woman who interested him the most. When he wanted to go somewhere, his wishes were complied with.

Robert was acutely conscious of her, as if she was a lodestone to his compass. Eventually he arrives at the manor of the Earl and Countess of Salbridge. Nothing Like a Duke is a historical romance written by Jane Ashford.

It was a mystery as unfathomable

However, Victoria has her mind made up. He enjoyed Flora not only for her beauty but for her mind, but nonetheless, is determined to get over her. Sensing the intervention of fate, Robert renews his pursuit. Ladies often come along to observe. There is a lot going on at this house party including but not limited to scheming debutantes, surprise guests from the past, shady gentlemen, earnest suitors, theatrics, and general shenanigans.

Flora blinked, and swallowed. Author Ashford knows how to engage a reader. He gave her a disturbingly understanding smile. As he eyed it, the whimpering began again. When he bent to look closer, a small head lifted, and dark eyes met his.

Robert searched for the source. Shouting would be the least of it. Allow me to give you some advice. From the beginning of the story Robert talked with the pup.

Jane Ashford sweeps the reader into the story at once. It was a mystery as unfathomable as Randolph and his lute. About the similarities between Akkadian and Aramaic. Obviously, he would only snub her. Lord Robert raised one auburn eyebrow.