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Many believe that the Bible canon was decided at the council of Nicea by Constantine. India, the land of milk and cereals is hugely Protein deficient today.

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How one could be illiterate and write is beyond me, but one can hardly say that writers of the Bible were unintelligent men even if they weren't all highly educated. Judaism is strongly bound by territories. We have Moses who would have received the finest Egyptian education. The best examples are found in the cuisine.

This is my India that accepted the Jews even when every single country denied their entry. Oddly enough, the Bible contains no mention of fairies, pixies, leprechauns, elves, sprites or the like. The Bible - General Challenges.

While the world today is accepting our ancient wisdom of vegetarianism and a hot cooked meal we as a nation are moving towards junk. Travel tales end with the journey. With the rise of obesity, the diabetes capital of the world also. If you wish to see what they did discuss, you can find it all here.

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Nor is it a highly implausible story told as an excuse for something, but an accurate representation of human history. Luke, the writer of Luke and Acts was a doctor. This is not the only thing that binds India to Israel. From the kebabs of Lucknow to the Idlis of Chennai, Indian food is known for its distinct spices Beherat.

Unlike Israel, Hindus always had a nation of our own, a land that we proudly owned and a civilization that we unassumingly inherited and hence never realised the importance of Territories. Community Answers The Bible is a collection of fairytales written by illiterate goat herders back in the Bronze Age. The Bible is a historical work. We get on with our usual lives and our daily chores.