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Wherever one looks, he or she finds industrial pollution. Ignoring your neighbours is rude. Some people use they when they are mentioning a saying or repeating a piece of gossip.

He made a fortune

They found the body in the river. There are some, but we need more. This idea has become a very popular one.

There are things that have to be done and you do them and you never talk about them. He made a fortune, they say.

Ziegenhals meanwhile befriends Kolczyk's daughter Ginny Kristina Nel and makes her his lover. The shelves contained Daisy's books, mostly novels but some on history and philosophy too. One or you should never give up hope.

The cupboards were empty except for one at the top of the bookshelves. As Miezi has saved enough money she is thinking of leaving her profession. Being the main suspects in the murder investigation only increases the hatred between Kolczyk and Ziegenhals, who fight with all means available. We all understood the fear of making a fool of oneself.

Mother had been ill, and one should have realized it. The portraits are good ones. Of all the subjects, science was the one I loved best.

You can also use one or ones instead of a countable noun in front of a relative clause or a prepositional phrase. One doesn't talk about politics at parties. That one came from Kenya'. We made money from buying old houses and building new ones. He has a northern accent like Brian's.

There are things

For example, he sends him a package with an alarm clock, making Ziegenhals think that he has received a mail bomb. Although she wasn't a rich customer, she looked and acted like one. One John Smith was chosen.