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His clothes were wellworn rumpled from

Etta and Nicholas were separated for waaaaaay too long in this story, though. There was something so formal and distant about the third-person narrative. It was emotionally powerful, and structurally near perfect. It lacked any warmth or personality to help me connect with the characters or truly get sucked into the story. It did drag in parts for me even though this story had a ton to cover.

And I really wanted to see more between Sophia and Li Min. Very long, very slow, very boring. She had patted on more perfume of some kind, but Etta focused on the scent of him - it was cool breezes and sunshine and rum.

There are many lengthy

These books do such a great job of handling issues with race, gender, and sexuality throughout time and just oppression in general. Literally the only thing I liked about this book was that the male love interest was African American because that is sadly still way too uncommon.

There are many lengthy passages full of clothing descriptions and repeated introspection. His clothes were well-worn, rumpled from days of work and travel, and he seemed unbothered by it even as Sophia fussed with the gown and beat the road dust from the skirt. The first part of the book goes on and on about violins and compositions, the next part is all about sailing, then we finally got to the time travel and I was already falling sleep.

Just the alternate histories and technicalities of time traveling alone were super complicated. However, my issues started straight away with the writing style.