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The following season, he was hitting. Harold Patrick Reiser was born in in St. Reiser gave great effort on every play in the field, and was therefore very injury-prone.

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Pete Reiser had everything but luck. The lieutenant didn't say anything. He was hurt badly after hitting the center field wall at Ebbets Field and was given his last rites. His father had been a pitcher in the Trolley League in St Louis, and later worked for a printing company, pitching for their team in an industrial league at weekends. But Reiser's stellar performances in spring training in both and forced the Dodgers to keep him.

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Reiser was a potential superstar with blinding speed and a reckless abandon when chasing fly balls, often crashing into outfield walls. The shoulder kept popping out of place, more bone chips developed, and there was constant pain in the arm and shoulder.

Reiser was the National League's batting champ in with a. There was no colored team. He had everything but luck. During one game at Fort Riley, he jumped through an outfield hedge in pursuit of a fly ball, falling down a concealed ten-foot ditch and badly jammed his throwing shoulder.

We whomped everybody we played. He stood there for a while, watching us work out. Then he turned and walked away.

Reiser never fully recovered from the affects of the crash and suffered from headaches and dizziness the rest of his career. We ended up with a hell of a club. He was a sensation that year, winning the National League batting title and also leading the league in doubles, triples, runs scored, and slugging percentage. He retrieved the ball and returned it to the infield before collapsing with a fractured skull. These and various other injuries brought a premature end to what should have been a Hall of Fame career.

Pete Reiser played baseball, football and soccer. He was a sensation that year, winning the National League batting title while leading the league in doubles, triples, runs scored and slugging percentage. After that Pete managed in the minors for several years, but was forced to leave after a heart attack. While serving, he was injured again and had to learn to throw with both arms. The next year he led the league with a.