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Her Small Print appears every two weeks. It also omitted some printed postcards which were included alongside the photographic collection, as these are more likely to have been digitised by other programs. As such, these may be freely used, modified, reused or published in Canada without any legal restrictions. In a few rare cases, we have images of both the front and back of an item. Their study puts Canadian picture books into valuable perspective and opens many avenues to thoughtful readers.

Edwards and Saltman draw attention

Edwards and Saltman draw attention to the ways in which the values of the s and s are increasingly compromised as commercial success is valued over editorial excellence. Gail Edwards and Judith Saltman.

The foundings of Theytus Books and Pemmican Books, two leading aboriginal presses, receive satisfying and thought-provoking analysis. The requirement to send a copy to London was stopped in when Canadian copyright law was updated, and no more material was received.

Gail Edwards and Judith Saltman