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Pitch the Perfect Investment by Paul D. Sonkin download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Their guidance will

Their guidance will neutralize the intimidation factor in pitching a portfolio manager and allow the analyst to shine. Each role taught me more about value investing. Growth without competitive advantage earning a return above its cost of capital is useless or worse. The investing profession may end up like acting.

The market is unaware of the activist or does not think he will be successful. Do it because you love analyzing companies, not to make a quick buck. Pitch the Perfect Investment shows the reader how to satisfy this need by developing the perfect investment and crafting it into the perfect pitch. What begins with meticulous research, cold and rational analysis, and clear judgment, must then become seduction.

Each role taught me more

Activist with a good track record is pushing for a sale. Timberland is a hard asset.

Sonkin and Johnson explain this alchemy in wonderful detail. Certainly, all investors must grasp those concepts. The activist did an independent appraisal which the market is unaware of showing a substantially higher value than the company appraisal.