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Therefore, a silver torc wearer can never succeed in running away, unless their metapsychic talent is so great it burns out the torc circuitry see Aiken. Because of the constant Grand Combat defeats, the Firvulag have been recently growing desperate, and have been willing to take on lowlife humans like Madame Guderian as military advisors. The divergent races were hostile to each other and together developed a highly ritualized battle-religion to formalize the war between them. The Tanu and the vast majority of humans are latents, with most humans having extremely meager abilities.

The Firvulag are described

The Firvulag call all humans Lowlives, while the Tanu and humanity reserve the term for those humans in Pliocene Europe not ruled by the Tanu. Operant humans in the Galactic Milieu are not allowed to enter Exile, so most humans in the Pliocene are latent at most. There are some differences between pure Tanu and hybrids. It climaxes with the joint and successful Lowlife human-Firvulag attack on the remote but strategically vital Tanu city of Finiah.

Grey Torcs do not enhance

They have control circuitry like that found in the silver torcs. Nevertheless, there are some humans born in the Pliocene i. In order to increase their population more rapidly, the Tanu have been using humans as breeding stock ever since they arrived. After the initial discovery, it is soon found that due to its very specific geographic and other requirements, the time gate only works in one location and one point in time in the past. These lesser torcs allow for control of the wearer by any gold torc wearer.

The Firvulag are described as being naturally gifted at creativity, often using it to assume monstrous forms. Grey Torcs do not enhance metapsychic powers at all, although they do grant the wearer a much simplified version of Farspeech. The war left Duat with a wildly varying climate, and because of this, over a thousand generations on Duat, the race diverged into two separate races, the Tanu and the Firvulag.

The daughter race intervened to prevent this, and so the remaining Tanu and Firvulag fled with a sympathetic Brede in her Ship into another Galaxy to fight their Nightfall war to the end. Those human women who are metapsychically gifted or have some unique, highly desired talent are often married off to Tanu nobles, after they each have spent one night with King Thagdal.

Although the Howlers can create beautiful illusions around themselves to disguise their mutations, these illusions do not work on normal Firvulag. Some humans escape the Tanu benevolent enslavement and choose to live freely in small hidden villages.

Though ramapithecine apes are made to do a lot of the menial labor in the Tanu kingdom, human grey torc slaves end up doing the more complex and dangerous grunt work. Earth was chosen as the best planet capable of supporting the lives of the two races that the Ship, now dying from the immense strain of the Intergalactic jump, could reach before its death. Exiled humans introduced the concept of heavy cavalry to the Tanu and helped them mentally tame the chalikos. Tanu and Firvulag are sworn enemies, with each race routinely attacking the other. This effectively makes the portal a one-way trip for any living being, and other organic objects.