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In that respect, it is not a book that would fit into the classic social sciences model containing analyses and solutions. Mampatta contributed to this analysis. Many scholars have identified the same periods and phases and the same sets of migrants. Assam and the Politics of Nationality, but that was not easy. His quasi-presidential style campaign spanned across three months starting from late January and ending in early March.

The government has given assurances

When such groups feel their identity is getting eroded because of factors like subjugation, migration, etc. The simmering tension in Assam has revived memories of the conflicts around questions of identity in the s and s, which led to a sharp decline in investments and growth in the state. Recent events across the country like movements for a separate Telangana, Gorkhaland, etc. In the second phase, while the Muslim peasants from East Bengal settled in the rural areas of Assam, Bengali Hindu migrants continued to pour into its towns. While these movements emphasised the issues of discrimination and development, the most notable forerunner to such movements i.

The Big Scroll Read Scroll. The verification process, which started three years ago, has been plagued with controversy, particularly allegations of bias against certain communities. In the last years, Assam has seen immigration into its territory at the behest of British rulers.

The move has attracted protests from those who believe that religion should not figure in this question. The government has given assurances that no one will lose their rights and privileges after the publication of the draft list, neither will they be sent to detention camps. Assamese identity On completion of three decades of this popular movement and the consequent historic Assam Accord, Prof. Such groups are not involved in industry or production or in any thing else that is remotely developmental.

That contradiction has continued till this day. At the same time, the surveys also show that support for granting refugee status to Hindu Bengalis refugees from Bangladesh has declined over time.

The move has