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The three main factors that

When the worth of the brand image of a company increases, it attracts more customers which helps in increasing sales. Hence, when chances come, they do not hesitate to apply to these organizations which makes the process of talent acquisition fairly easy, effective and less costly.

Employee referral program is a great means to acquire the best talents. The three main factors that influence job change are lack of opportunities for career progression, unsatisfactory salaries and work life balance. If the proposition is not carrying enough values, job seekers might be less interested to join the organization. Creating and maintaining an attractive employer brand is paramount for every organization to recruit the best talents.

Employee referral program is a

The cost per hire decreases substantially.

All these in turn propels the organizational productivity which ultimately gets reflected in the bottom line. Measuring the retention rate of employees Employee referral program. Referral programs succeed only when the internal brand image of an organization is high which increases the willingness of existing or former employees to refer talents to that organization. Their social media accounts has tons of complaints which are yet to be addressed. These kinds of strategic moves also entices the potential investors to show extra interest in the brands.