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Even my cat feels the change. Yes I tried it and it sounds great. These overall strengths meant that the soundbar also proved very adept at handling music. Thank you very very much for this program.

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Almost seems like I can turn the vomume down and still hear the details. It is extremely revealing. Congratulations on your work. Fidelizer Pro works great for me.

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Before installing it, there was no way to achieve that without interruption. Included Nelly FurtadoThe Ride Tap Dancing and not learned a thing appeared pensive beautiful floating bass in chorus.

Most improvement I can hear at soundstage. There seems to be a difference. There are also screwholes at the rear, if you want to wall mount.

Impressive, good job, well done! Best Regards, Rosario Rosario Capo. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. Kind regards, Peter Peter Haupt.

Seems very smooth and resolved. Yesterday I have the first listening session with the Fidelizer Pro. Easy installation, great sound Improvement.

Hello Keetakawee, this is just to let you know that it is working perfectly. Kind regards, Andrea Andrea Puggioli. Yes, I do believe that when Fidelizer is engaged there is a greater sense of spaciousness, more dimension and air. Yamaha appreciates that not everyone is interested in being immersed by sound, and people often find dialogue difficult to understand in modern surround mixes. It did seem like it added a lot more soundstage and high end detail but tended to make the midrange vocals a bit grainy or harsh especially on extreme.

Improvement on the audio pc is great, i have done a great jump forward. It makes me enjoy the music for itself, never mind the audiophile thing. Quieter background more focused sound. After installing Fidelizer Pro on my system, wrestlemania 28 I was pleasantly surprised.

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Effect with Fidelizer Pro Space picture broader and deeper Resolution is better All together very realistic reproduction. Best Regards Dinah Dinah Spiekermann. Yet, even cold out of the box, the sound is stunning.

Complex orchestra are more more clean less comfuse. Get Fidelizer Get Nimitra. Tx Man, Difference is night and day Chirantha Kariyawasan. This is my second purchase from you.

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Thank you very much again for now. The sub is wireless but you will need a power source, although it should pair automatically with the bar. Hello My fidelizer Pro Works perfectly. The enhancement of depth and the resolution of the complex layering of large-scale orchestral music came off stunning with Fidelizer. The sound level seems to be lower than before, but i think this is in my mind, because of the softer sound.

Reason Audio 3D Zip Album Download

Hi There Keetakawee, Well I installed your software and it really improves the sound! And it is a step to more music again. Again I have to express my gratitude, deep appreciation and respect for your great work. Keetakawee, your Fidelizer on this system brings really a huge improvement, much more I could appreciate on the old tablet.

There are a couple reasons for this. My system is as close to audiophile as I can get on a budget.

The imaging is more precise. Allow me to thank you for the continued improvement of excellent sound. What color is it pea soup green?

Thank you for sending a new version of Fidelizer Pro to me. Hallo Lucifiar, Congradulations! We are flying higher than Baumgartner.

Feel the Real Sound

Fidelizer Upgrade Program