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McAllen  La Casa de PalmasThe lights in the

The lights in the community shower flicker at the same time every night which is said to be the time she died. McAllen - La Casa de Palmas - the third floor is extremely haunted. The haunting is actually on the grounds bordering the west of the cemetery and church. The eeriest room in the building is the nursery.

Her boyfriend took her out to a stock pond around Notres and he shot her and weighed her body down and dropped her in the pond. Witnesses could hear people walking and talking when they would spend the night there but every time they checked there was no one there. Many students before reported seeing this girl in a white gown staring at them while looking at themselves in the mirrors or washing their hands. North Richland Hills - Knob Hill - People have reported seeing dark figures moving through the trees late at night at the top of the hill.

Two campers supposedly died after falling in a well and being trapped. Many have witnessed voices screams or even visions of her hanging. So she picked her up brought her back up to the top of the stairs, dragging her by her feet so her head would drag killing her. Witnesses become overwhelmed by a sense of dread and of being watched, even in broad daylight. Marfa - the Marfa Lights - It is a great tourist attraction.

Her spirit is said to Haunt the floor. The mother's body was found on the bed. It is known to have been a Indian Burial grounds. The road became such a danger that the city closed the road off. Management had responded to earlier complaints of the same but the motor was fine.

You can smell her perfume of lavender at night in the hall where she killed herself. Pampa - Worley Hospital - Worley hospital was abandoned many years ago. The woman searched for the girl for years, and finally got so distraught that she hung herself off the side of the same bridge that her daughter and husband jumped off of. If you go to that area at nightfall on the anniversary the arms will come down the lights will blink and you will here a train and feel wind but there is no train.