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Reimagining Social Movements by Henri Lustiger-Thaler download in pdf, ePub, iPad

What is absolutely vital to understand is that we do not become transformed alone. This is the first book to bring together key authors exploring this transformation in terms of action, culture and movements. The intention is to point the way theoretically to a much more sophisticated understanding of economic development. The editors and authors have considerable track records of social movement research and push the boundaries of social movement thinking.

You start withHelen Bevan with

The editors cull case studies from around the world as they frame new movement practices through existing tensions between collectives and individuals, politics and culture. Collective agency, on the other hand, is where we see people act together, united by a common cause, harnessing the power and influence of the group whilst building mutual trust. Our experience in Carnforth and Morecambe in community conversations has been a bit of both.

Here you will find a complex interaction between all these dimensions, showing in one and the same instance, the hopes and failures of movements. The ultimate prize, if we can ground our theory in a more accurate analysis of social change, is policies that really will deliver higher economic growth and greater social justice worldwide. Those of us stuck in the system have become too homogenized in our thinking for us to do this exclusively from within. The problem, as Don Berwick puts it, is that leaders in position of strategic influence, are simply not seeing the resources available to the biggest problems we are facing. We are transformed when we are in relationship with others Hahrie Han.

You start with those who are drawn to the conversation, who recognise the need for change and who want to be part of it. Helen Bevan, with her background in social science, demonstrates the great debate about the interplay between our organisational structures rules and agency freedom when it comes to effecting change.

But our circumstances are forcing us to reconsider the ways in which we work. We need the creative substance that is within our teams to be heard and harnessed so that we cut our waste and work more effectively together.

We need our citizens to help us re-imagine what it means for us to be healthy and well. With a bit of coaching or spurring on, we have seen some amazing initiatives begin that are bringing transformational work into our area and causing us all think differently. You might call this a re-humanisation of our systems based on love, trust and the hope of a positive peace for all. You find your passionate people with a sense of agency, infect them with the virus and watch it spread.