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Admission to the master's degree programme may also be possible if a student has completed a bachelor's degree in a relevant related field. Furthermore, many colleagues are working in different practical areas of religious education, catechetics and pastoral care, and are investigating scientific topics within and through their work. These examinations must be completed during the master degree programme. Both members and non-members can purchase a subscription of this journal. Applications for membership are to be directed to the executive committee, which decides on the admission of new members.

Delays resulting from repeated examinations are not taken into account. Of primary importance are the biennial conferences, which promote networking as well as the discussion of current research questions. The etching depicts the personification of Ludwigsburg who is receiving a pearl, a symbol of fertility, from the hand of God. Last but not least, scholarships and research grants facilitate the acquisition of higher academic qualifications such as doctorates and habilitations.

The table shows one possible course sequence for the bachelor's programme and is not compulsory. Right up until his death, construction workers and craftsmen worked on what was to become one of the largest Baroque palace ensembles in Europe.

Recommended Course Sequence The exemplary course sequence given below is recommended for full-time students beginning their study programme in the winter semester. Although the region was wilderness, it was easily accessible by boat using the Neckar River. However, the examples of other princes fostered a desire to project his absolutist power by establishing a city. Everyone who is conducting research in religious education and catechetics at or outside of an academic institution can become a member.

Furthermore many colleagues areAdmission to the master's degree programme