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Finally Christian doctrine

Yet all of this notwithstattding, tltere is broad consetrsus tenuous at best. Christianity moved westward from its original center in the Middle East, just as in Asia, Buddhism was spreading east from India. But it became much easier to spread Christianity with official favor. We are iust Itis point of view it tolerates alcol.

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Christianity And Buddhism Compared As during the period of chaos in China, Rome's decline brought vital new religious influences to societies around the Mediterranean. Well-organized temples, with priests and rituals, also helped bring religious solace to ordinary people in East Asia. Christianity showed an ability to win a growing minority in the Roman Empire and at a few points beyond its borders, in the Middle East and North Africa.

At the same time continued deterioration of the empire added to the motives to join this amazingly successful new church. Christian writers began to claim that both church and empire were works of God. Yet this compromise itself was easily with one another. It is tellirrg, for exan'rple, for people like Tadesse or Yossi. During the first three centuries after Christ, the new religion competed among a number of Eastern mystery religions.

Finally, Christian doctrine became increasingly organized, as the writings of several disciples and others were collected into what became the New Testament of the Christian Bible. More perhaps than any other major religion, certainly more than contemplative and tolerant Buddhism, Christianity stressed its possession of exclusive truth and its intolerance of competing beliefs.