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One in Mexico it was decided to film the opening scene in a petrol station, but why? In this case, after deciding with Catherine Martin and my team where we wanted to go, I engaged Craig Pearce and we went on a very long, methodical journey of structuring and research. Then two guys come along and do a comedy routine. This is the same for the movement of the jackets, footsteps, spurs on boots and stubbing out of cigars. Each frame can have a different meaning.

And someone or something has stood in the way of that being a reality. So I guess to answer your question very simply, what kinds of films would he make? It was really motivated by the need to reveal and clarify the world for the audience.

Polonia federalisme dissertation saudis in bikinis essays research paper on the oregon trail viper essay scanner einladung weihnachtsfeier text beispiel essay. In this way, simple objects in the film can serve multiple functions. Mexico to many people is a land far away and is unrecognisable although it is extremely busy, as is Verona. He would just stick the popular song of the day into the middle of the show. The actor playing Tybalt had Flamenco dancing lessons.

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In fact, it was extraordinarily hard to get the film made at a major studio. Alfred Hitchcock is a prime example. Overall, the movie does open with an extremely energetic scene, which sets the tone for the rest of the play, but there really is something in this version for everybody. Every layer of sound adds to the experience of watching the film. The main reason for this may be having already made a hit film, his name is considered sufficiently helpful as a marketing tool for the next film he is associated with.

The pressure that the filmmakers came under to show that the bullets were hitting objects rather than people is interesting. And the Elizabethan world certainly understood the notion of a homosexual relation or a bisexual relationship or any kind of sexual relationship. What you can scientifically look at is the world in which he wrote these plays, and the fact that he was an actor in a company that was basically going broke. It was written as an outrageously kind of rambunctious, violent, sexy, energetic, comic, tragic love story.

Do you bite your thumb at me? Some of the fights in the Globe were so violent that the audience actually broke out in riots and people were killed.

Nonetheless, one of his greatest assets was an incredibly resonant, clever use of language, but it was just an asset to him. Well, it has always appealed to audiences. But can you change the language. But not the Shakespeare takes.

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In the credits at the end of them film over three hundred names are listed in the creation of the final product. Were you concerned about that? We just have our ways of finally wearing people down. Although in the beginning Leonardo Di Caprio was uncommitted to the film, a series of workshops proved he was the right man for the job. You know, to advance the story, but also to engage people through song.

In fact, Mexico proved to be the perfect location for this film. What challenge did the language of Shakespeare impose on your adaptation? Blocking quotes in an essay Blocking quotes in an essay student nurse essay words for conclusions allies baseball mitt descriptive essay about food. We evolved the workshop, but no one believed in it at all. And the thing about it is, even then people were writing about how bad this nobody poet ripped off these great works of art and put them in his trashy theater.

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We looked at a direct adaptation, just translating it into the modern world. To a very great extent, we used it to buffer the extreme gear changes in the style of the text, so we matched that with extreme gear changes in cinematic style. How did you approach finding a modern style appropriate for this classic work? He is stylised even in his posture and his movements embellish his character.

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There is a complete contrast between this scene and the gas station scene as the water in the pool provides a sensual, passionate comfort level for the audience. The idea was to find icons that everybody comprehends.

Because packing the house was the primary and foremost concern for him. Well, there is a very specific process where I generate the ideas. In the original Shakespearean text the play opens in Verona town square with the two rival families quarrelling. Well, again, it is actually based on the Elizabethan structure.

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Everything that occurred in Elizabethan England goes on in Mexico today in varying degrees. The more consistent and detailed it is, the more believable it becomes to the audience. It took over one hundred and seventy and over a week to create the opening fight scene which enjoyed a screen time of a mere five minutes. Harold Perrineau as Mercutio How did you approach bringing the characters to modern life?

Usc essay requirements Usc essay requirements history and legends essays. Shakespeare was a kind of rap, the rhyming couplet is definitely a rap form, you know?

It is almost as though Luhrmann wants to set up a traditional presentation of the words so that when his vision appears it is even more explosive. Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin One thing that really interests me about you and your collaborators is how you work together as a team. And to do that, we linked the cinematic style to quotations from other films. We were just making it now, you know. Each shot is very different.

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It is read in one go and there is at this point nothing offered to the viewer to make it clearer. The planning of each shot is so thorough before the cameras start rolling that the actual filming becomes a rather mechanical process. Whilst making this film attention to detail was immensely important. And then I generally go to my immediate team collaborator, Catherine Martin.

But what you can do, and what we did, is spend a good year-and-a-half going back and doing a completely fresh research journey about Shakespeare. How did you structure the pacing of the film? And I think those of us that survive look back upon that story with a kind of warm nostalgia. The action is from left to right, progressing very sort of slowly and lyrically.

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Leonardo DiCaprio, and Claire Danes as Juliet One thing that Craig Pearce has said about your adaptation was you sought to keep as many of the Elizabethan customs as possible. It was also vital that Luhrmann and his crew chose the correct actors to play in the film.

Now whether you set a production in the Elizabethan period or in the kind of quasi-Elizabethan period of the Zeffirelli version, when Mercutio dies, Romeo is upset like he loses two lovers. Whenever you produce Romeo and Juliet, Mercutio is a non-stop show. In Romeo and Juliet some scenes had over three hundred individual sounds all mixed together. At first, the team were unsure that Claire Danes was the right actress to play Juliet because she was so unknown but again, icarly girl dating nba the workshops proved she was the perfect on-screen lover for Di Caprio.

Like Verona, it is an incredibly hot city, which can be used to highlight the strength of emotions, from love and passion to violence and hatred. Do you find that approach more worthwhile than starting from the story and then working the other way?

Single gender education dissertation Single gender education dissertation brevity magazine craft essays on poverty esthetisch argumentative essay. The way in which the actors carried themselves and moved in the film was also worked on tirelessly. The Latino Capulets used guns covered in immense religious iconography while the Anglo Montagues carried much more slick, modern weapons. The Latino, hot-blooded men also resemble those in the original text. My job is just to re-reveal it.

Romeo and juliet baz luhrmann essay help