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The first tenure of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister in the year saw another reign of loot and plunder. Absolute travels and tourism is a Saudi Hajj Ministry Approved agency. Free urdu books on urdu point Download at WareSeeker. Gohar Ayub Khan, who was foreign minister at that time, has also corroborated this fact in his book.

Superior knowledge, effective planning and the ability to anticipate and resolve potential problems along the way are the reasons behind our success. This entry was posted in Uncategorized.

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Lulu allows anyone to publish and sell Books Business worldwide. He accepted defeat of his party. He released to the press audio-tapes of conversation with Saif-ur-Rehman on this issue. In order to achieve their motives, Sharifs always appoint their blue eyed personnel on key posts by completely ignoring merit. Eventually, Sharif ordered his thugs to attack the Supreme Court in order to prevent the Chief Justice from giving a ruling against him.

Nawaz Sharif was the lead character of the Cooperative and Financial Institutions Scam, which deprived the retired employees, orphans, widows, and poor of their total assets amounting to Rs. Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing. Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman revealed that Senator Saif-ur-Rehman asked him to sack a number of Jang employees who should be replaced in consultation with the Government. These so called patriotic politicians ruthlessly plundered the national exchequer and used national wealth for personal financial gains.

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By crossing all the limits of treachery and falsehood Nawaz Sharif and his cronies claim that Pakistan armed forces lost the Kargil war. We have been involved in the wholesale business of literary books. General Karamat became the first Chief of Army Staff in the history of Pakistan to have been prematurely retired! Shahbaz Sharif is an attention-seeker and likes to show off.

His obstinate behavior is the prime reason for the maladministration in the province. We are committed to provide the optimum solutions to all our customers. Its a bitter fact that our beloved country is also sufering this disease and sadly its a biggest hurdle in our way towards an equitable and fair system to live in. General R Asad Durrani and others have filed affidavits supported by copies of various documents. He takes decisions over ruling, the cabinet.

Our dedicated team would provide best available assistance to the masses. Want your business to be the top-listed Travel Agency in Lahore? We want to know what you think. Making political appointments in federal departments Nawaz Sharif.

Police stormed into his house in Lahore and dragged him out of his bed room. Imtiaz Alam, a Lahore-based journalist, complains of threats over the telephone and then of his car being set on fire in a mysterious manner the next day. According to the details of loans obtained by Sharifs include Rs. Here police officials get involved in heinous and brutal criminal activities like one in Sialkot.

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Forging of passports and money laundering Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar. Nisar had to admit the existence of these agreements during the press conference of Javed Hashmi.

Even those who r not Pakistanis can see how foolish the awam is? They are engaged in building support all over Pakistan and beyond.

Is this the understanding of investigative journalism of The News? Whitening of black money by amending laws Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif.

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Free Download Facebook Download. The record shows that in Punjab, police force has been continuously used to harass and insult political rivals. General R Naseerullah Babar, Lt. It is expected of the largest media group in Pakistan to at least be able to differentiate between hearsay journalism and investigative journalism.

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Inflation and un-employment is rocketing day by day due to the ill-conceived decisions of the provincial government. He has based his politics on deceit and lies. Favoring Kohinoor Energy Co, causing loss of Rs.

He has done everything for the sake of nation. Opening fictitious foreign currency accounts Nawaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar. On the other hand, there are few ills which slowly poison the lives of a Nation to bring an ultimate collapse.

The Auditor General Report released in the year reported that Nawaz Sharif, misusing his authority as Chief Minister Punjab, issued directives which resulted into direct malpractice of Rs. The Peshawar-based Frontier Post was critical of government policies.

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Pasdar-e-Pakistan is a grassroots organization of my supporters. Pakistan International Airlines running a new promotions Worlwide. Nawaz Sharif Must tender apology for the heinous campaign against press and journalists and for the criminal attack on Supreme Court of Pakistan.

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It is a proven fact that in Nawaz Sharif was double-minded about the atomic explosions. Relaxing export duty and rebate to transport sugar to India Nawaz Sharif. We challenge them to bring their achievements and we will present ours.

Three days later, the government sent notices to Jang for non payment of taxes and the case was shifted to the Ehtesab cell. The Pasdars have been holding seminars, conventions, press conferences and public demonstrations on issues of national concern. During this period Mian Nawaz Shairf obtained loans amounting to more than Rs. He, in a very disgraceful manner, requested them not to attack Punjab as they are likeminded and standing on the same side. They are masters in the art of manipulation and alteration and use their wealth to achieve their goals.