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If you're going to try this at home study up on Haas Effect, setting levels and delays for precedence, as well as time domain measurement systems. Stingers As shown above in the MouseOver demo, a stinger is a speaker positioned to provide coverage of a floor area that may be inaccessible from the left or right cluster mounting position. This is a very expensive, and sometimes impossible proposition. What is missing from most of these systems is uniform coverage of the entire listening area, and a minimal level and phase response difference for each channel's coverage of the listening area. So a drum, for instance, when struck produces a positive pressure waveform at the microphone and should produce a positive pressure waveform in the listening room.

Buying surround speakers just for Atmos doesn't make financial sense just yet. While it's possible to add Bluetooth later with an adapter, it's not an ideal solution. An additional requirement of the stereo playback system is that the entire listening area must have equal coverage of both the left and right channels, at essentially equal levels. The result is a Wave object. Mono systems can have multiple loudspeakers, and even multiple widely separated loudspeakers.

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This example copies the first three periods from mix. If your music experience these days revolves around your phone, you really want built-in Bluetooth in your sound bar. In addition a stereo playback system must have the correct absolute phase response input to output for both channels.

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Two-channel sound bars typically don't sound much different between stereo and surround modes, especially since they're not creating a true surround-sound experience in the first place. To modify a wave, you can access the ts and ys directly. Stereo would be a requirement if there is a need to replicate the aural perspective and localization of instruments on a stage or platform, a very common requirement in performing arts centres.

But Wave provides methods that perform many common operations. As with many questions about sound systems, there is no one right answer.