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It is clearly not material

The only change that can happen to the ethereal body is constriction on the energy flow through its fibers also called nadis. And obstacles turned into possibilities.

It still has a form, but not necessarily a human form. The astral environment is constantly created by the people living in that world. The second sphere is more created by the thoughts of the inhabitants, but they have the same life style as in the first sphere. At concerts at the Court Conservatory he heard the works of Glazunov, Liadov, Arensky, Wagner, Scriabin, and Prokofiev for the first time, and an avid enthusiasm for music was developed. Woman is a personification of nature, and it is nature that teaches man, not man nature.

Unwillingness to express feelings. On this level the ego ceases to exists. People shouted insults, howled and whistled, drowning out the music. Astral time is the succession of actions and is relative.

Inhabitants usually wear a robe or mantel of white light. It just does not have the ability to express itself on the physical level.

Every interpretation, categorization and labeling is artificial and should not be taken as the unmistakable truth. At the causal level one is shown a full record of his past lives, pointing out where he failed and where he excelled, and what needs to be done in a next life to straighten things out. Although the physical body can loose parts or can be deformed during the course of a lifetime, the ethereal body always remains the same. People died, went out of their body and had certain experiences in the astral world, which they were able to tell when they were brought back to life. Fear of parent, usually the father.

As it belongs to the

As it belongs to the world of form, it is temporary. It is clearly not material wealth that he refers to, but rather the spiritual treasures that lie buried, yet available to those with the will to unearth them.

He experimented with plants and with meditation, and found that he and his environment also existed on other levels of consciousness. He attracted a talented group of instructors.