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Spine of the Continent by Mary Ellen Hannibal download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Mary Ellen Hannibal gives us an engrossing and inspiring story. If we are to get any kind of handle on the extinction crisis that is decimating biodiversity, it will be by protecting the habitats that sustain it, along the Spine of the Continent. Critters including pika, jaguar, wolves, beaver, and cows play their parts in the ecosystem and in the stories I tell while traipsing along the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico.

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Smart Thomas Jefferson never noticed what these critters were doing on the landscape, that they were making habitat and so creating a theater of life. So there was the connectivity lesson. The scene is bucolic but also intense, all this color, this profusion of form.

Surprisingly, though, I see a great path forward with citizen science. New acquaintances defined your approach to the subject it seems. Their study subjects are disappearing, fast, and the places where they study them are being bulldozed, developed, you name it.

In I was working on my previous book, Evidence of Evolution, and interviewing curators at the California Academy of Sciences about their work. At the same time, I wanted to write a book that would be a useful tool for conservationists, to help explain what they do and why they do it to the world at large. Three of them actually wept while I was interviewing them.

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Such was the case for author Mary Ellen Hannibal who met others who had felt the sheer joy and deep sorrow associated with having a relationship with our natural world. Moby Dick helps but what a different thing when you see a couple of blue whales breaching gently next to your boat. There are successive rain showers, and gusty winds come and go, one waterfall after another hurtles downstream, and the psychedelic greenery bows around, shaking off water. Nature needs wildlife corridors, and it needs them now. Well, I was really blown away by the beaver story, and the realization that exploiting and exhausting this natural resource was a primary means by which the United States was established.