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We do not inhale the sacred smoke that comes from the pipe. But he'll have to hike hard in steep country and deep snow to get to the elk and away from other hunters. Tobacco can be a healer or a destroyer. At this time we also acknowledge the moon who in her day cycle cleanses the water by filtering it through the sands. In part two both Helen and Brittany get their chance at Duren farm bucks.

Rorke soon learns that the hunt is only half the battle. There are many varieties of Sage and all are effective in smudging. Steve has always regretted passing up an opportunity to hunt Muskox but with another tag in his pocket, nothing will stop this adventure. Meanwhile, his hunting partner, Remi Warren, attempts the difficult task of stalking one with a bow. Sage is a tool that helps us get to a point.

These introduced sheep from North Africa are hard to find and harder to hunt. With locally made charcoal at his disposal, he'll grill up a big, brined, delicious bird. Here, Steve fills us in on his favorite critter, the mule deer. These mysterious hooters make for a hunt that is markedly different from any other and success doesn't come easily.

Shkodawabuk represents the Western

To those who live in the traditional way, there are four plants which are especially revered and used in daily living. Challenged by the harsh environment, rugged terrain, and elusive sheep, Steve finds this hunt to be one of the most difficult he has ever undertaken. This is the highest percentage of all groups. Commercial tobacco was introduced from the outside. Some of our Elders still offer tobacco to everyone who visits them.

We need to be good role models to our youth. Shkodawabuk represents the Western direction. When used in a sacred way, it can promote good health and assist with spiritual guidance and growth.

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