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The cops do not know the marker had been further spiked with an experimental mutagen called Quantum Juice Q-Juice. He also makes one last attempt to win back Madison, but she silently rejects him. Brotherhood of Evil Fearsome Five H.

Static (DC Comics)

It is more typical to declare a non-static class with some static members, than to declare an entire class as static. Meaning of static in English. Virgil also possesses an almost fanboyish knowledge of comic books, role playing games, pop culture, and science fiction. Furious and scared over his situation, as well as his inability to help Miss Martian awaken from her coma, Virgil attempts to leave the Tower and return to Dakota. Trouble in Tokyo Justice League vs.

Some imitative words are more surprising than others. When the agency behind the experiment tried to capture him, he fights back, discovering that he has gained the ability to generate, manipulate, and control electromagnetism. Seen and Heard What made you want to look up static?

Furthermore, niv bible pda the unique timbres and structures created by statics are a direct result of these decisions. This weakness only applies in the animated series as Static has never shown a weakness to water in the comics and has even used it to his advantage. Examples from the Web for static But engine technology has not been static in the past decade.

He can, however, fly in the rain without short-circuiting. Mid-Nite in helping treat her, using his abilities to sedate Raven when a demon emerges from her body. Multiple superheroes come together to protect the town of Iberia from a dam break.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. After refusing to help Holocaust in his pursuits, Static is imprisoned in a specialized containment unit alongside Aquagirl, Wonder Girl, and Bombshell.

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Because there is no instance variable, you access the members of a static class by using the class name itself. List of Static supporting characters.

Later, while recuperating at S. State Name Spellings and Origins Your history teacher might not have mentioned. What made you want to look up static? You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.

Static (DC Comics)

Dictionary Entries near static stathenry stathmokinesis -static static static balancer static cling statice. No object instance is required.

Not unlike Spider-Man, the character has a propensity for witty banter and humor, especially when engaged with opponents. See all examples of static. Static has made numerous appearances in other forms of media.

Note To create a non-static class that allows only one instance of itself to be created, see Implementing Singleton in C. Logic is mechanical and mathematical, and mathematics and mechanics are static.

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In fact, nothing is static in the West Bank, especially as Israel continues building settlements. In this paper we are not concerned with the dynamics, but only with the statics of bigraphs. After returning home, Virgil reunites with his family as well as Frieda, and learns that his girlfriend Madison has left him during his absence. After discussing the implications of these comparative statics, we examine comparative statics regarding preferences over institutions.

He was getting a lot of static about his decision. The vigilante Hardware gives Virgil a new costume and modified flying disk, which enables the two to remain in contact despite living in different cities.

These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. The story ends with the couple reflecting on their life, and Virgil playfully asking Frieda if she wants him to return to his role as Static. Static is eventually freed by Rose albeit off panel and takes his revenge against his former captors, electrocuting Lashina and her cohorts as they try to escape. In both the animated series and comic book, he is shown using his powers to mimic that of a blowtorch allowing him to cut and weld metal together.