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Teaching Children 3-11 by Anne Cockburn download in pdf, ePub, iPad

This is likely to be the definitive work on the topic for many years to come. This book is perfect for a reader who has a passion for gender equity issues or others who want additional research on the topic.

Its approach, using clear explanations and case studies enable trainees to engage at a critical level and understand the potential benefits this can bring to them personally and professionally. The historical and contemporary vantage points offer multilayered understandings of the topic. It will have obvious appeal to males entering and established in the teaching profession who may, as I did, identify with many of the perspectives presented.

Invaluable for all students

This book is a much needed addition to our Professional Studies reading list. Invaluable for all students of education. Both Burn and Pratt-Adams show the importance of this area for education research and professional practice. There is great use of data and grounded feminist and post-structural theory.

This book is