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The 1912 Stockholm Olympics by Leif Yttergren download in pdf, ePub, iPad

With the close of the Olympics, all eyes turned towards the city of Berlin where the next edition of the Games was scheduled to take place. Under Swedish law, boxing was not allowed at the Stockholm Games.

The United States did not

The American competitor George S. Austrian Otto Herschmann won the silver in the team sabre fencing event. Japan took part Japan participated for the first time The first art and literature competition Under the nom de plume of Georges Hohrod and M. The event was run as a time trial with competitors leaving one minute apart.

The remaining finalists

Some of the countries also nominated reserves in addition to their main athletes. Details are not given of his decathlon and pentathlon victory. More about Olympic Deaths. But probably more than any other Olympics, they belonged to one person.

The remaining finalists were all from Sweden. The United States did not send a women's swim team to the Games on the grounds that it was obscene, the first American women's swim team appeared in the Brussels Games. In addition, Cecil McVilly was disqualified in the first round after colliding with the boat of Martin Stahnke. At the time he was the president of the Austrian Olympic Committee, becoming the only sitting national Olympic committee president to win a medal in the Olympics.

Modern pentathlon at the Summer Olympics Modern pentathlon was competed for at the Games, marking its first appearance in the Olympics. Great Britain's Isabelle White won the bronze medal.

On the track he usually helped Carlisle win meets by competing in, and winning, five or more events. The Armenian population took part in and enriched just about every aspect of life in the Ottoman Empire.

This marked the very first instance of Ottoman or Turkish representation at any Olympics in history. That was not enough for Thorpe. Only the bronze medals were split up between nationalities, with the American team taking the bronze for the team event while Frenchman Jacques Cariou won the individual medal. The all around team competition came second, with Italy taking the gold.