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Gold Coast, Australia As one of the most popular surfer destinations across the world, the Gold Coast attracts thousands of surfers each year to test out the amazing waves Australia has to offer. The building allegedly inspired Walt Disney as he was creating the castles of his cartoons. Written about by luminaries such as John Steinbeck and Jack Kerouac, the great American road trip is a transformative experience.

Yosemite National Park, California, U. It has gnarly waves challenging enough for the most avid surfers as well as gentle swells for those who want to learn the activity. When surfers are unable to maintain this position or balance, the wave consumes them. Dean's Blue Hole is deep, dark and intimidating.

But just zipping this thing on and preparing to get as close to natural flight as is humanly possible will get your nerves jangling. Since then, the activity captured the attention of thousands of people around the world. It is not uncommon to find surfing destinations along the shorelines of many countries.

There is something very beautiful with humans learning to feel the energy and rhythms of the ocean and coordinated their movements with it. The extensive sea cave system offers great opportunities for kayaking. It's best to go with a company that does small groups to ensure your independence on the sled.

But just zippingSince then the activity

Along way you will encounter a death defying cliffside plank path which has over a kilometer drop. Colorado offers some great areas to climb including clear Creek Canyon and Colorado Springs.

Have a go at floating in it on your back, but watch out for the salt crystals, as they are sharp enough to cut your feet. If the walking gets too much, rent a motorcycle to see the sights in more comfort. Go Ice Swimming, Finland Plunge into icy water in Finland and feel surprisingly refreshed afterwards.