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The Adventures of a South Pole Pig by Chris Kurtz download in pdf, ePub, iPad

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Like Wilbur before her, Flora's spirit and determination might have the effect, intended or otherwise, of causing a new generation of readers to reconsider their consumption of meat. She is in a race with the librarian to see who will read them all first. Flora forms an unlikely team with old Oscar, prickly Sophia, and the boy Aleric to help save the day in a heartwarming ending that is not at all saccharine. After all, she has courage, pluck, strength, a stout heart.

Our food is brought to us each day, and if we ask for more than that, it will just make us unhappy and ill-tempered. Described as a teacher and a storyteller, Kurtz shows a good sense of pacing in his first novel. Thirty-eight fast-paced chapters make this a perfect book for reading aloud and also assure that newly independent readers will feel successful. Catastrophe strikes the ship, Flora's stout heart and strong legs help save the day, and she becomes essential to the team's survival. The scary and tense situations are just the right level for the target age group.

When tragedy strikes, the whole crew counts itself lucky to have such a courageous pig along for the expedition. Cat Sophia, who speaks in the third person, is filled with ego and pride but needs Flora's knowledge to conquer the ship's rats. Characterization is top notch.

Our food is brought

Her courage is tremendous. And no one loves being part of a team as much as Flora.