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The Battle of Minden 1759 by Stuart Reid download in pdf, ePub, iPad

The decisive action of the battle took place in the centre, famously due to a misunderstanding of orders. The infantry were charged six times by French cavalry and each time, by their steadfastness and accurate musketry, they repulsed the charge. The object of the campaign was to secure Hanover and keep the French Army occupied leaving Frederick free to fight his battles on the other fronts.

The decisive action of the battleThe infantry were

The consequences of this affair are very great, we found by the papers, that the world began to give us up, and the French had swallowed us up in their imaginations. Britain and France were each competing to increase their colonial power, while Prussia was fighting for control of the German speaking peoples in the Austrian and Russian Empires.

On the left of the army the grenadiers, who now form a separate body, withstood a furious cannonade. The defeat ended the French threat to Hanover for the remainder of that year. Read this to enhance your curiosity about wars of the Enlightenment told from a point of view other than Prussia or Austria. Read yet another account of bungled British raids on France in an attempt to distract the French from invading. Based on the terrain maps he was right not to charge.

Thrill to the transcript of the inquiry into the alleged disgraceful performance of the British commander and his mishandling of the cavalry. Hanover, Prussia and Britain. The last and greatest misfortune of all fell to the share of my poor old coat for a musket ball entered into the right skirt of it and made three holes.