The Capture Of The Earl Of Glencrae

There's just no better word for it. Angelica Cynster is the most stubborn, adventurous of the Cynster sisters.

The capture of the earl of glencraeThe capture of the earl of glencrae

Dominic known as the elusive Laird through the other books finally gets his hands on a Cynster daughter, but he got the on he really didn't want to have to deal with. When they step outside for some fresh air, suddenly Angelica is swept off her feet, and not in a good way.

The capture of the earl of glencrae

Hopefully she can manage to provide enough for the both of them. Plenty of twists and turns keep things interesting along the way as well as long-held family secrets that reveal the root of the hatred Dominic's mother holds for the Cynsters. She was the reason for a lot of my initial goodwill for this book.

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After an introduction and a short conversation, Angelica invited him for a walk outside - then before she knew it, found herself being abducted. While the straigh-forward Angelica Cynster is very much likeable. Can these two burn up the sheets!

Cynster Sisters Trilogy

Cynster Sisters Trilogy

The Earl, whom played somewhat semi-vilain role in the first two books redeem his characters by showing an honorouble and humorous tendencies. Imagine her delight when he seems equally enamored. At last, we find out who the mysterious Laird is from the previous books. There is sex in the book, not violent, but vivid.

Dominic is everything I covet in a hero. Oh yeah, so that the struggle at the cliff could happen. Angelica pushes for the charade - I rather think she enjoys the idea - and Dominic goes along with her rather than considering an alternative.

The capture of the earl of glencrae

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They take pains to slip off to Scotland without being captured by Angelica's frantically searching family. When the Earl of Merton suddenly finds himself playing the knight in shining armor to a damsel in distress, he knows his days as a notorious rake are numbered. Though still not as action packed as earlier novels, this one did have the trademark humor, suspense, windows 8.1 themes for pc and steamy seductive romance that drew me originally to Ms.

Still, the heroes are alpha male who have to find their way to deal with the heroines. Stephanie and her husband live on peaceful acreage on the outskirts of Melbourne. Although she loved Dominic from the first sight, she is not willing to be easy target.

He never expects how easy Angelica would make it for him. She steps into the role of presumed countess-to-be with a great deal of grace and charm. Their trip to his home went pretty smoothly, then it was on to their attempts to get what they needed from his mother. She is every inch a lady, but she knows what she wants and sets out to get it.

His prey served herself to him on a silver platter. But the scalding heat of her unsated desire for Devil soon had Honoria craving a very different sort of excitement. That is her wish also, but she ref Fantastic book. Ultimately, he settled his mind, undeterred since the fate of his clan rested in whether said assistance from said debutante could be elicited. There is lots of chemistry between Angelica and Dominic but they also have big areas of disagreement that keeps the relationship from getting boring.

Dominic is in for the surprise of his life because Angelica is determined to make him really fall for her. Both she and Dominic are nearly killed as a result, Angelica only thinking to call for help at the last possible minute. More by Stephanie Laurens See more. When he finally releases her, he tells her he needs her help and will explain everything.

The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens

Could her passion for Devil cause her to embrace the enchanting peril of a lifelong adventure of the heart? If you enjoy a series that draws you in and has you anticipating each consecutive story, you need to give Stephanie Laurens a try.

The romance in this book was also the best of the three. With herself and with him. That was what made the romance all the more plausible for me. The review is not only for this book but for all three book in the trilogy I have somewhat bad experience with Stephanie Lauran's books that I read so far.

Be the first to ask a question about The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae. The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae was my third book by this author and I enjoyed it as much as the previous ones.

But the similarities stop there. He needs a certain goblet or he will lose everything he owns, money, home, you name it.

The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae

Even in the sex scenes, she pushes for control and never fears meeting her own lust to match Dominic's. It was such fun to ride their ups and downs and follow in the wake of their scheming adventures. Both are intelligent, loyal people who complete each other-like two halves of a puzzle.

At no point did I feel like the crisis was a crisis or that there was a genuine problem at all, actually. Her heroines are not some blushing flowers, they are strong and completely able to care about themselves. The sounds and smells described in the scenes add to the ambiance to draw the reader right into the pages. Imagine his surprise when his prey practically falls into his lap. Stephanie Laurens is always a safe bet.

The Earl Of Glencrae is out of time. They make a great couples, it is a pleasure to follow their adventures. Dominic can not believe that the last Cynster sister is falling into his lap and proceeds to whisk Angelica away from the ball. She kept me guessing from page one and I loved all her traits. And she is really as good an introduction to the series as one could hope for.

Speaking of the scheme that was the underlying thread throughout the series, readers are given more in depth details as to why Dominic is forced to carry out his dastardly plan. And the hero is the strongest and most interesting character in all three books. Angelica Cynster lived up to all of my expectations and more. And the adventure is never dull. And then, the charade itself.

Convincing her to aide his cause something else entirely. The characters seems spend their time to thinking in their head. Well that's my first thought anyway. Finally, the man she has dreamed has entered her life.