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Overall I found this

The world of this future is precisely and neatly rooted in the world as it is today. Don't misunderstand me though, its far from a romance, but its just the way these two characters interact. He has a masterly control of hinted, rather than elaborated, changes. The story was going great for a long time except for the hero's constant longing for Aster but quickly when downhill. Today, digital information is also encrypted.

Like The Love of Stones, it is seen through the eyes of a woman. Her ex-lover and ex-superior Lawrence - whose name, like John Law's, contains a hint of power or order - has lost his post partly because of her evidence about his faults. They may work with law enforcement professionals to access data relevant to crimes or with the military to protect data from being accessed by those without authorization. What no one besides Sir John knows is Aster often helps him with his work. It is unlikely that such a system, when at the centre of something as high profile and valuable as a widely used currency, would stand up to large scale hacking for long.

As for the characters, you become addicted to them. Find the French spy and find the list. Essential Information Cryptographers analyze and decipher encrypted data to assist law enforcement or government agencies in solving crime, threats or security concerns. Cryptographers may analyze and decipher encryption systems as well as develop new encryption algorithms. He is shocked to discover Aster working in a cryptographer's office.

But that could just be me and bear in mind I wasn't a huge fan of fifty shades. John Law's Marvellous Greenhouse Effect. Behind Gates and his myth is an older one, and behind that older ones still. Tobias Hill has his own elegant, clear and complex, meditative way of inventing worlds. Like his earlier, unclassifiable, fable The Love of Stones, The Cryptographer is a study of obsession, of a questing search for those things humans desire.

They may be involved in encrypting information or decrypting information. At first glance people think she's a maid. Hill's women are intriguing and convincing - wry, not involved in messy emotions, watchful and above all independent. The architecture for his software currency is, to someone who works with computers, not particularly convincing, on either the security or usability fronts.

There's one scene where the heroine explores her sexuality, a lot of violence and a love scene. But she is both an imaginative and a moral being, and she finds herself in some odd situations. She wants to understand Law to the extent that she loses satisfaction in her work.

Overall, I found this an impressive novel, though I am at something of a loss to explain why. Gatsby moves through an atmosphere spangled with gold and silver, running with music, always brighter and whiter and airier than ordinary life.

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