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The Emperor's Tomb by Steve Berry download in pdf, ePub, iPad

An underground dam and drainage system was discovered in and the tomb appeared not to have been flooded by the groundwater. Indy must race against the Nazis to retrieve the Heart of the Dragon before they can get their hands on it.

In the end scientists

When Jones takes the Heart of the Dragon, the emperor awakens but is nearly instantly killed by the souls of his victims. Mei Ying teams up with Jones, both unaware that Kai's bodyguards have been listening in on their conversation.

The decision whether to explore the tomb anytime soon, or ever, is up to the government of China. The Heart is said to grant the wielder immense magical power, and Kai wants Jones to retrieve it before it falls into the wrong hands.

Not all of the puzzles have easy solutions, and not every item that you need is easy to find. Other villagers took terracotta bricks to make pillows.

In the end, scientists and historians must always weigh their desire to know more with the damage such inquiry would cause. Kai also creates a shield to protect himself and summons a dragon to battle Jones, but Jones uses the Pa Cheng charged with mystical energy to penetrate Kai's shield and destroys the Heart. He can grab enemies and punch them or throw them off ledges and catwalks.

There are two walls, the inner and outer walls, surrounding the tomb mound, and a number of pits containing figures and artifacts were found inside and outside the walls. Jane Portal, the exhibition's curator, explains the importance of the new finds. Craftsmen were ordered to make crossbows and arrows primed to shoot at anyone who enters the tomb.

Trees and vegetations were then planted on the tomb mound such that it resembles a hill. Jones frees her and together, with the mirror, they venture to the Emperor's Tomb where he uses the mirror to cross various obstacles. Pits full of terracotta concubines have never been discovered, though experts predict they exist somewhere in the complex. To the west were found mass burial grounds for the labourers forced to build the complex.

Kai also creates a shield